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Abu Khaled, 1986 in Duitsland, Muslim Brotherhood...
The Central Intelligence Agency and Syria share a dirty little secret. It flows from a special relationship that has masked knowledge and possible involvement with individuals directly associated with the hijackers who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. (...) Despite Bush administration pressure on Syria to stop insurgents from heading to Iraq to battle U.S. forces, a quiet relationship between Syria and the CIA continues. (...) In Hamburg, Germany, where the September 11 hijackers planned their attack on the United States, the CIA had a history of contacts with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which opposed the Syrian regime. Such ties began as early as 1986. Former CIA operative Bob Baer refers to this initiative in his book "Sleeping With the Devil." However, German investigators believe Syrian Muslim Brotherhood members in Hamburg actually may have acted as double-agents for the Syrian intelligence service.
De missing link in het Hofstadgroepmysterie. Washington Times, 19 april 2006.